Most of these paintings are oil on canvas. There are a couple of aquarelle
works too that I like them very much. There are more paintings than what I
put here, but they are not very much available: I love to give my paintings as
present to friends.
I love irises.
They are so
Van Gogh has
always been a
big inspiration
for many
painters.... His
irises were so
beautiful! That
was why I was
inspired to
practice a bit to
learn more
about his
By practising, I
learn a lot about
brush strokes
but is was not
enough to finish
a satisfactory
I waited until
summer came and
irises flowered.  
Then I made
pictures from
hundreds of them
anywhere I
On 24th of December 2008, I had a dream: I saw Jesus. He had
black curly hair and was wearing a long white dress. While I was
looking at him, his mother Maria came near to him. Maria was a
bit taller than him and gave me the impression that Jesus was still
quite a teenager. I asked myself: who’s or where is Holy Father?
In his right-hand side, he pointed an old man with a bit distance
to him.  I asked myself about the Holy Spirit. Then I saw a light
above their head. I said: “oh that’s the creator…that is the...” and
I woke up.
Christians believe that Jesus and Holy Spirit are sent from Holy
Father  to the universe to do his will.